Inclusion Visions Thurrock (IVT) has a wide-range of partners.

This includes partnerships that enhance our core service offer, and partnerships that improve services provided to individuals. We believe strongly that together we can help service users achieve more!

Inclusion’s approach to working in partnership:

  • Inclusion understands that forming effective partnerships supports positive outcomes for people that use our services.
  • Across all the areas we work in, it is important for us to understand who we¬†can work with to the benefit of the local community.
  • At IVT, we aim to be an effective addition to local communities within Thurrock, bringing the skills and experience we have to best effect.
  • By marketing our services effectively we aim to minimise the chances of people missing the opportunity for our assistance. This ensures partner agencies have clear pathways and access and referrals into them.
  • Clear joint working protocols and partnership agreements.
  • A commitment to working respectfully, openly and transparently with all we work with.

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