Being active is great for your physical health and fitness, and evidence shows that it can also improve your mental wellbeing. We think that the mind and body are separate. However, what you do with your body can have a powerful effect on your mental wellbeing. Mental wellbeing means feeling good – both about yourself and about the world around you. It means being able to get on with life in the way you want.

Being active doesn’t mean you need to spend hours in the gym, if that doesn’t appeal to you. Find physical activities that you enjoy and think about how to fit more of them into your daily life.

  • Evidence shows that there is a link between being physically active and good mental wellbeing.

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How keeping active through exercise improves your wellbeing

Scientists think that physical activity helps maintain and improve wellbeing in a number of ways. Keeping active physically can help people with mild depression. Evidence shows that it can also help protect people against anxiety. Staying active is thought to cause chemical changes in the brain, which can help to positively change our mood. Some scientists think that being active can improve wellbeing because it brings about a greater sense of self-esteem, self-control and the ability to rise to a challenge.

How you can get more active

  • If you want to get active, think about physical activity in the broadest sense. Adults aged 19 and over should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity aerobic activity (such as fast walking or cycling)Â per week.
  • Find activities that you enjoy; then make them a part of your life.
  • There is lots of information and advice on NHS Choices to help you get active.

Suggestions to stay active

  1. Join our regular recovery nature walks that take in some of the areas natural scenery: A way to take some exercise and to get away from the hustle and bustle of town life.
  2. Enjoy any of the following to connect with nature and get active

  • Exercise for wellbeing

    Visit our page here

    We have a page of suggestions on how you can exercise for wellbeing.

  • Grays Beach Riverside Park

    Grays Beach Riverside Park

    Located near the riverfront in Thames Road, Grays Beach Riverside Park is one of the most popular and well-visited parks in Thurrock.

  • Chafford Gorges Nature Discovery Park

    Visit site

    Chafford Gorges Nature Discvery Park offers 200 acres of green space for numerous wildlife and recreation for the 12,500 people living in Chafford Hundred.

  • Langdon Hills Country Park

    Visit site

    Langdon Hills Country Park sits on a hilly ridge that extends from Dunton to Vange. Its 400 acres have panoramic views over the Thames Estuary and across to London

  • Rainham Marshes

    Visit site

    Part of the Thames Estuary, not far from the bustling streets of London, Rainham Marshes is a haven for all kinds of wildlife - birds, water voles, dragonflies and more. Enjoy an adventure into nature, whether you explore this medieval l

Outdoor gyms in our local parks

Outdoor gyms are the latest craze and they are free! Take advantage of this resource in the borough.

Here is where to find them, you can find gym equipment at the parks below.

Outdoor Gyms

  • Aveley Recreation Ground, High Street, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM14 4BX

    cross trainer
    dips / leg raise
    hand bike
    lat pull down / shoulder press
    leg press

  • Usk Road, Aveley, South Ockendon, RM15 4PA

    body flexer
    cross trainer
    free runner
    power bike

  • Corringham Town Park, Gordon Road, Corringham, Stanford-le-Hope, SS17Â 7LS

    combination lat pull down / chest press
    cross trainers
    double dips
    double leg press
    double oblique
    double pull up
    double sit-ups
    hand bike
    recumbent bikes

  • Grays Town Park, Park Road, Grays, RM17 6RB

    chest press / seated row
    cross trainer
    hand bike
    leg press / bench
    mini fitness bike
    mini recumbent bike
    recumbent bike

  • Dilkes Park, Foyle Drive, South Ockendon, RM15 5LT

    combination lat pull down / chest press
    double cross trainer
    double dips
    double leg press
    double pull ups
    fitness bike
    multi stretch point
    ski machine

  • Memorial Ground, Hilltop Road, West Thurrock, RM20 3BS

    bench press
    cross trainer
    lat pull down / shoulder press
    leg press
    mini cross trainer
    mini recumbent bike
    pull up / assisted pull up
    ski machine